Dear Visitor,

welcome on the homepage of the Foundation Családjainkért (Foundation for the Families). It was founded by the Association of Large Families NOE in 1991. The homepage is being renewed on the turn 2017/2018 and is under further „construction”, for which we apologize.

We are focusing on assisting families and children growing up in families and contributing to  equalization of their chances to the extent we can, in line with the Founder’s will. In doing so members of the Association NOE enjoy some preference but clearly on a non-exclusive basis.

You can look into our programmes and ways to realizes our goals effectively on the page„Introduction”.

On the page „Events” we render information on current or upcoming events and report on their outcome. Also we make actual tenders public here.

On the page (Chance) we inform about our assistance programme „Give a Chance to the Talented” in detail which had been launched and refined in and since 2005.  We inform you about our approch, methods applied in helping gifted and socially handicapped children resp. young people and inform you about cases that deserve your suppport.

Of course one can put the quetion, why to make funds available exactly for these goals. In the page „sponsors” we deliver our arguments to do so and explain an array of possibilites to this end. Please help, so that we can help in turn.

On the page „Documents” important public official documents, such as Deed of Foundation will be made available and Public announcements made public, such as invitation for grant applications etc.

Of course our homepage is to inform prospective recipients eligible for help and how they can qualify for aid.

We apologize for the delay in making the contents on our homepage gradually in English, yet it will be availalable by mid January 2018. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel interested.

Thank you for your interest!

January 3, 2018
László Balogh